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"I am extremely happy to receive the “Most Improved” award with great pleasure and professional pride by Khonology. It is nothing less than an absolute honor, and I must admit it took me aback. I am grateful for being recognized and I intend to live up to the level success this award demands.

Gladness M. Junior Tester

“Khonologist of the Year 2022”, WOW where do I start. I was swept off my feet when I was called up on stage to accept the “Khonologist of the Year 2022” award. I was not even aware that there was a competition in progress. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our CEO Dapo Adeyemo; our Head of Delivery, Mosa Nyamande; and our Human Resources Manager, Marcia Maruma for giving me this opportunity to join a young, energetic and vibrant company in the beginning of the year 2022. I have learnt so much in the past 11 months and being part of Khonology has presented me with great opportunities on a daily basis that I am truly blessed and grateful for. I have a passion for my deliverables as well as for the people I work with and that is one of Khonology’s values that drives me, is the passion for the people, the team, that make up Khonology.”

Manoj B. Project Delivery Manager

“At Khonology they support the open and respectful exchange of ideas,from both within and outside of the company. We do not hide from our own failures. We trust each other, to own our work, to always seek excellence, to reach beyond our past achievements. We believe in creating a safe, generous,accepting workplace where people can be their authentic, best selves. We are a meritocracy. We wholeheartedly share what we know, not just with each other,but with anyone who wants to explore and contribute. We prize introspection and action equally. We believe in our technology and its potential to accelerate human achievement.

The company takes risks and enjoys exploring new ideas. The company encourages creativity and bold pursuits that will help propel the business forward. At Khonology, you will be expected to contribute new, envelope-pushing ideas. The company culture will push you to work hard and perform well. There will likely be obstacles to your work that you will need to tackle head on. Problem solving isn’t an asset, it’s an expectation at Khonology.

You will be able to work with your colleagues often and in an informal, engaging way. Employees will be expected to bounce ideas of each other and work well as part of a team. You won’t be cut off from the rest of the company, but you may need to ask for independent work if you want it. The company culture prioritizes work-life balance. The company offers remote work opportunities and/or flexible scheduling.

The company culture will encourage you to think deeply. There are lively conversations happening and lots to be learned. You will be expected to grow in your role and help the team evolve. Khonology company culture is closely tied to the organization’s mission. Leadership has a clear objective on how to make an impact in society and use it to motivate employees. Working for Khonology, you will be empowered by the company’s long-term objectives.”

Bongani L . Core Banking Application Support Analyst

“Khonology has been an amazing and wonderful company starting out. There are endless opportunities to explore and advance your career.  Several things to point out are within the overall organizational culture and atmosphere. Excellent work-life balance, great working environment and work feels like family. The management team truly cares about each individual, welcomes creativity and leads by example. Khonology does fun and interesting things like Team Building events and we have virtual coffee chats/breaks which gives us an opportunity to reset and allow us to get to know each other better. The hiring process was wonderful and streamlined. ”

Yannie N. Junior Quality Assurance Tester